Source code for pvmacros.pipeline

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__displayname__ = 'Pipeline'

[docs]def deleteDownstream(input=None): """Delete downstream filters for a given input. If no input provided, all filters on the pipeline will be deleted. Args: input (str): The name of the object on the pipeline to preserve. """ import paraview.simple as pvs if input is None: # The below snippet deletes all Filters on the pipeline #- i.e. deletes anything that has an input #- preserves readers and sources for f in pvs.GetSources().values(): if f.GetProperty("Input") is not None: pvs.Delete(f) else: # Be able to specify upstream source src = pvs.FindSource(input) #print('src: ', src) # Delete ALL things downstream of input for f in pvs.GetSources().values(): #print('f: ', f) #print('f.Input: ', f.GetProperty("Input")) if f.GetPropertyValue("Input") is src: #print('Deleting: ', f) pvs.Delete(f) # Done return None
deleteDownstream.__displayname__ = 'Delete Downstream Filters' deleteDownstream.__category__ = 'macro'