Extract Topography

class PVGeo.grids.subset.ExtractTopography[source]

Bases: PVGeo.base.FilterBase

This filter takes two inputs: a gridded data set and a set of points for a Topography source. This will add a boolean data array to the cell data of the input grid on whether that cell should be active (under topographic layer).


This currenlty ignores time varying inputs. We can implement time variance but need to think about how we would like to do that. Should the topography surface be static and the volumetric data have time variance?

Apply(data, points)[source]

Update the algorithm and get the output data object

FillInputPortInformation(port, info)[source]

This simply makes sure the user selects the correct inputs

RequestData(request, inInfo, outInfo)[source]

Used by pipeline to generate output

RequestDataObject(request, inInfo, outInfo)[source]

Constructs the output data object based on the input data object

static _ExtractTopography__GetVoxelCenter(voxel)

Returns tuple for center of Voxel

Note: The Z-coordinate is at the top of the cell