Extract Topography

class PVGeo.grids.subset.ExtractTopography[source]

Bases: PVGeo.base.FilterBase

This filter takes two inputs: a gridded data set and a set of points for a Topography source. This will add a boolean data array to the cell data of the input grid on whether that cell should be active (under topographic layer).

Apply(data, points)[source]

Update the algorithm and get the output data object

FillInputPortInformation(port, info)[source]

This simply makes sure the user selects the correct inputs

RequestData(request, inInfo, outInfo)[source]

Used by pipeline to generate output

RequestDataObject(request, inInfo, outInfo)[source]

Constructs the output data object based on the input data object

static _ExtractTopography__GetVoxelCenter(voxel)

Returns tuple for center of Voxel

Note: The Z-coordinate is at the top of the cell